Learn, explore and build in a custom Minecraft world with our skilled STEM instructor.

  • Cost: $149 per student
  • When: Monday - Friday | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Class capacity: 10

Activities that your child will be doing:

  • Space 101: Students will get to build their own rockets, space stations, and extraterrestrial bases. Students will learn about the current and future developments in reusable rockets, space stations, exploration vehicles, and more from NASA, SpaceX, and other agencies. It is a fun way to experiment, build, and learn while engaging students on the fascinating world of physics and planetary science.
  • Engineering 101: Students will get to use advanced machines that mine blocks, build structures, and more. Students will learn about geometry and engineering. It is a fun way to experiment, build, and learn while introducing students to the creative careers of architecture and engineering.
  • Build Your Own Computer: Learn how to build, maintain and upgrade your own custom computer. Our instructors focus on best practices for handling hardware throughout the build process. Students will also get to learn about the different operating systems and software.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Safety is our priority. We are taking the appropriate measures to adhere to social distancing guidelines and cleanliness.

  • Tables, chairs and equipments that students use will be wiped down or sanitize by UV light before and after each class.
  • Hand sanitizers are readily available for students to use and students are encouraged to use them as often as they can.
  • Mask is required inside the building, unless the student is sitting at their desk.
  • Each student will have their own desk/workstation that are spaced out at least 6 ft apart.
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Please note: that due to limited capacity, your registration payment is not refundable even if the participant is not able to attend the session that you are signing up for. Please contact us directly for special cases.